Design, Engineering & Management.

Know how

Technical drawings and building site management are the fundamental aspects of the project, however the development of the project is not limited to this.


DH Project coordinates and organizes information and elements with the aim of creating a solid and cutting-edge company method and culture.


The phases of the process are scrupulously followed also thanks to a multilingual staff.

Our story

DH Project is an innovative company, aimed at ensuring the highest quality of its services.


Through the development strategy, DH Project pursues its goals of improvement, making the most of the company skills.


DH Project organization provides consultancy as a support to the development of the entire project.


Exploring collaboration strategies together is the center of our business line.


Since the 01 April 2018

we have moved in our new office in Corcagnano

Strada Cava in Vigatto 48 - 43124 Corcagnano • Parma - Italy

phone  +39 0521 180 04 43


Design Development  |  Project Coordination  |  Design Management  |  Interiors & Fit-out Engineering


Our mission


Project Development and Coordination is the discipline of planning, organizing , motivating and control resources to fulfill specific objectives in development and engineering process.

A project is a temporary undertaking planned to create a product, a service or a particular outcome; defining a start and an end (usually with impositions of time, and often constrained by budget and / or deliveries) .

The primary challenge of design development and management is to achieve all of the same aims and targets, respecting the established duties and obligations, which for us are:

  • purpose and its technical solution 
  • time 
  • quality 
  • budget

DH Project srl 

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