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Company Anatomy

The Italian touch

Our competency stems from the experience.

Established in 2013, on the heels of the consolidated De Hoe Design srl existing since 2000, DH Project focuses on the management and technical development of complex fit out projects.


A well integrated group and a reliable management method based on recovering both inside and outside experiences define our goal to optimize projecting processes and production factors in order to avoid critical points during creative and executive processes.

Thanks to the team of professionals, architects and interior designers, further strengthened through practical experiences in the manufacturing world, we can guarantee not only a technical approach, but also a creative attention.

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Mission Guidelines

The cardinal principle of the company is the simplification of the work methodology, in the continuous search for improvement. The versatility of our method means that we can tackle a very wide variety of proposed projects.

  • Process concepts

  • Notice board scheduler

  • Linear procedure and guidelines

  • Easy to use and cross-platform tools

  • Sustainability

  • Innovation

  • Maintain quality control

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Time savings

  • Keep the rules in the cast

  • Keep information and history

  • Create efficient group actions and relationships

  • Stay on time

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