Know How

“Design is the application of intent, the opposite of happenstance, and an antidote to accident.”

Robert L. Peters

Interiors project has reached such a high level of complexity, requesting a deep knowledge on many different topics. DHP is able to ensure the different needs, such as :

  • project managing from generation to execution
  • having a flexible mind devoted to creativity
  • presenting the project in a capturing and comprehensible way
  • responding to time constrictions


Typical issues you can find into the project's process

  • following a predetermined “budget”
  • international work coordination
  • interacting with different involved subjects 
  • knowing International working strategies


DHP approach to "straighten" the project's process

Coordination & Development


Particular attention is devoted to a few factors: aesthetics attention, budget control, technical features and organization reactivity.

Following this polyhedral approach, we develop all the graphics connected to the original Concept Design:

  • Production of coordination drawings, to verify possible issues.
  • Creation of shop drawings with the related engineering .
  • Elaboration of alternative solutions, to meet clients demands through the related value engineering .
  • BOQ production with linear coding for production, packaging, transportation, site discharge and storage.

All actions that can fasten and highlight the different project steps.


Design Management


A methodology involving all different “project actors” is generated by our concept. In particular, we believe that a better communication is fundamental to reach control and better results. Our goal is mainly related to time and work optimization, guaranteeing the process transparency. We work systemically, respecting the needs and nature of the projects, using a set of "cloud's documents", for real time work and precise information exchanges; protocols such as:

  • RFI | Request For Informations - Q&A
  • MRP | Meeting Report
  • IRP | Inspection Report
  • SRP | Site Report

Working documents on working cloud platform to avoid the "missing in action" effect. Easy to access, easy to perform, less bugs.

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